27.Oct.12 1 year ago

Open Your Mind

Do not blindly believe something because it seems like a credible source.

As in, just because it is The Bible, does not mean that everything in the book is fact. Remember, the book was written by multiple humans just like you, who made mistakes just like everyone else. Regard the contents of the subject as a possibility of truth, but do NOT take them as fact until you have your own experiences and wisdom that you have found by your own trials.

To begin your own experience, begin by being skeptical of all that is around you. What makes it real? How do you know that it is real? Have your experienced that it is real? And if not, what can you do to test for yourself if it is real?

Nothing will come immediately, but you must be passionate in the knowledge you are trying to receive in order to find the absolute truth.

Do not attempt to walk blindly, instead, first learn to use your eyes.

24.Feb.12 2 years ago