Where am I?

No update last week because there was no last week. It didn’t even happen. I was completely out of my mind, skipped school every day of the week, just laid in bed. I don’t know what it was, I couldn’t think as straight, It’s as if I was less-conscious. But in the past 2 days I’ve healed greatly. I feel wonderful and sort of in a hyper-conscious state. I feel like I’ve transformed in some way, like my thoughts and feelings have changed. I definitely haven’t been my usual self whatsoever lately.
I don’t want to go too far with it, but I feel like there was just something halting my ability to make conscious decisions, as well as monitor time passing. Maybe possession? Perhaps a blockage? I had used the ouija board, as well as made my own. Neither had any response, but I’m only considering it as a possibility considering how strange I feel. I fear my heart may be acting up too. I’ve never had these problems before but when I’m laying here, every now and then I’ll get a strange, sort of skipping, vibrating feeling in my chest, followed by a small rush of anxiety.


I’m sorry to my friends who may be feeling abandoned, I don’t mean to make it seem that way at all, I just haven’t been myself lately.

Time for

15.Apr.12 2 years ago